Here to answer your Frequently Asked Questions!

1) Do you require a minimum order?

Yes! The minimum order quantity is 14 cartons. The website will not allow you to checkout with a quantity under 14 cartons in your cart. A message will pop up at your checkout screen as a warning. 

2) How do I qualify for free shipping?

Put over 50 cartons of bars in your cart to qualify for free shipping! You will automatically see the free shipping option at checkout. 

3) How do I pay and is money required up front?

Payment is required at time of checkout via Card choice on the website. NYS Tax, (and shipping charges where applicable) are charged at checkout* (unless free shipping minimum is met). Credit card is inputted at time of checkout, and order confirmation is sent by email. 

4) Where is my order and when will my order ship?

-After your order has been placed, you will receive an order confirmation email.

-Beginning November 1st, orders will ship out, and you will receive another confirmation email that your order has been fulfilled, and shipped out. This will include your tracking number.

-You will receive an additional email stating your order is out for delivery, and another email stating it has been delivered.

5)  What happens if I lose my tracking number?

You will not receive a tracking number until your order is shipped (beginning November 1st). At that point, check your email for a confirmation that your order has been shipped.

6)  What if I am a local organization?

For orders with local delivery, a member in our customer service department will reach out to confirm your shipment date and delivery. 

7)  How does my organization, (or student) earn funds?

Bar cartons are purchased at $37.50 a carton. Once the students or organization sells all of the bars in the carton, they will make a total of $75 (when selling 2 for $3), which is an immediate 50% (*) pre tax profit. 

8)  How do I receive 50% profit?

When selling the chocolate bars at a rate of 2 bars for $3, you instantly make 50% profit! (tax not included)

9) Allergens

Our Niagara Chocolates Plant manufactures products which may contain, or come in contact with,  one or multiple allergen ingredients. Despite strict clean down standards, cross-contamination is a possibility. Those individuals with allergies should avoid and/or consult with their doctor. A list of ingredients is stated on every product.

10) What if something is wrong with my order?

Please contact fundraising@sweetworks.net for any issues regarding missing, incorrect, or broken items. A customer service representative will get back to you within 24 hours during the business week. 

11) Where are my brochures?

There are no brochures for this online sale! Everything is fully virtual!

12) Will I be able to track each individual student's sales through the website?

Unfortunately, you cannot track individual sales. We will not have access to the personal information of every purchaser, and cannot tie individual sales back to one student/seller. Sales will only be able to tie back to your group or organization based on how much sales are produced from your group's individual link. *Weekly sales updates will be given to your group via email

13) What if I forgot to type in the organization's group code at the end of the URL?

If a sale is made without using an organization's code at the end of the URL, please contact customer service immediately to trace your order back to a specific group. Email: fundraising@sweetworks.net

14) When does our profit check get mailed to us?

Profit checks are mailed to the address that was provided on the sign up survey. We will issue all checks within 45 days of our fundraising site closing- no later than February 15th, 2022.

15) Where do orders get delivered?

All orders will be shipped direct to the customer's home! For any order issues, please contact fundraising@sweetworks.net